This test is designed to answer 2 questions:
Are you a good person according to God's standards?
And if so, are you good enough to go to heaven?

1. Have you ever told a lie?

YES, I have told at least one lie in my life.

NO, I have never told a lie in my life.
2. Have you given money to charity?

YES, I have given money to charity.

NO, I have never given money to charity.
3. Have you gone to church regularly?

YES, I have gone to church regularly.

NO, I have not gone to church regularly.
4. Have you ever stolen anything (no matter how small)?

YES, I have stolen at least once in my life.

NO, I have never stolen anything in my life.
5. Have you ever used "God," "Jesus," or "Christ," as a curse word? (Example: "Oh my G-d!")

YES, I have used God's name in vain at least once in my life.

NO, I have never, even once, used God's name in vain.
6. Have you made it a practice to read the Bible regularly?

YES, I read the Bible regularly.

NO, I do not read the Bible regularly.
7. Have you ever looked at someone and had lustful thoughts?

YES, I have lusted at least once in my life.

NO, I have never lusted in my life.
8. Have you ever broken the first Commandment?
(Click here if you don't know what the first Commandment is.)

YES, I have broken the first commandment.

NO, I have not broken the first commandment.
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