About Our Church!

Rest Haven Baptist Church is a King James Only, Fundamental, Independent Baptist Church. This means a number of things for one to understand:

1. We believe, in the King James Bible, God has perfectly preserved his inspired word for English speaking people. We believe it to be without error and our final authority on all matters of faith and practice. We use no other English translation in our preaching and teaching.

2. To be fundamental simply means we teach, preach, practice, and adhere to the fundamental doctrines found in the Bible.

3. Being independent does not make us, as a church, non-dependent; for we are dependent upon God, who is sufficient for all of our needs, as an assembly of Bible-believing Christ followers. Rather, we are independent of any hierarchical, and organizational rule over us, as a church. Thus, Jesus Christ alone is our head, and we autonomously govern ourselves according to the New Testament scriptures, as found in the Holy Bible.

4. We are distinctively Baptist in our doctrines, which we derive from the New Testament scriptures. (For more reading on these distinctive doctrines, click on Baptist Distinctive.)

5. Lastly, we are a church. We are a local assembly of called-out believers in Christ Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, endeavoring to carry out his commands.